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Crewel Embroidery – Fairy Tales book

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Crewel Embroidery: 7 enchanting designs inspired by fairy tales. The book features the design of a Traditional jacobean Tree, worked in variety of stitches in a modern way, using mostly stranded cotton and Pearl Cotton threads. (The conversion to Appleton wools is available).

And what comes next is... quite a surprise! The outlines of the original Tree design had been divided into the basic elements, and then six new designs were developed based on one or the other of those elements.

There were two reasons for such a trick. First, it shows how to play around with crewel patterns, developing your original templates, or altering the shapes of the designs you like... or even replacing some unwanted elements. Next, due to such an approach, each element of the Tree has been stitched twice: in two different ways and using different colour schemes. Surely it is tempting, is not it? It is there to encourage your creativity!

Detailed pictorial embroidery instructions, step by step stitch guide for almost a hundred of stitches and embroidery techniques, and a story for each of the design - these are the other strong points of the book.

Besides, including lots of photographs with as little text as possible is what we all loved in a fairy tale book in our childhood! And since most of us are visual learners, the book is easy to follow even for a beginner or a non-English speaker - at least for those of us who like to face a bit of challenge while doing embroidery!

Unfortunately it is out of stock now - very sorry for the inconvenience. Drop me a message via the Contact form to get a notification when the new supply arrives.

Where else can I buy this book?


Search Press and lots of other book stores -

just Google-search for the title to find the best option for online purchase or the nearest brick and mortar shop which sells it.

Thanks - and enjoy the book!

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