Owl Crafts TM was started as a business by Tatiana Popova in 2009. You are always welcome to contact us at info@owl-crafts.com if there are any questions or feedbacks regarding our products and services. You can also send us a message by the Form provided at Contact Us page of this website.

To order from this site, you do not need to register a user account, but you can do that to make your further shopping from this website easier. We realize that some of our customers may be not naturally inclined to technology. If you have tried and it’s not working for you, please email us at info@owl-crafts.com. We will try our best to help you.

How to order kits from this website

Once you have chosen which design you would like to stitch

  1. Click on that design.
  2. When the page for that design opens, click on the kit type – that’s the white box that says ‘choose an option”.
  3. Choose the pack you would like from the drop down menu and the quantity you want to order in the box provided for that. Click “ADD TO CART”.
  4. If you require more than one pack type, click on each one and add to cart individually.

The Information About Our Kits

All our ribbon embroidery kits are full kits, containing everything you would need to fulfill the particular design, except for embroidery hoops (frames). We do understand that normally it is not an easy task to find a particular colour / size of natural silk ribbon. Therefore, our kits are always supplied with some extra amount of silk ribbon. We have often heard our customers making joke of it, saying: ‘I can stitch a duplicate design using that HUGE stash of silk ribbon left-overs’. That is because we try our best to calculate the right amount of ribbon, so that it would be enough even for a perfectionist who likes to unpick stitches every now and then!

Most of our kits for crewel stitching are part kits, offering you a list of called-for threads, but not actually providing them. That is for the following reason: we wish to encourage our customers to use the stash of threads they might have already accumulated. Our crewel designs are easily adopted to any new colours or textures, so you are welcome to make any replacement in stitches as well.

The Information About Our Books

Most of embroidery books by Tatiana Popova are published by Search Press. Search Press is a British publisher with 50+ years long story of successful business, providing best-quality books for arts and crafts. With some exception, we do not carry Tatiana’s books and just give an information about them – but you are welcome to purchase them from Amazon or any other good online stores. They are also available in quite a lot of brick and mortar book stores – just make an inquiry in your local book store.

International customers

  • We ship to every single country in the world, no matter where.
  • You may be required to pay customs duty when your order arrives in your country. Some countries, notably the United States and Australia (if the value of the parcel is less than AU$1000.00) are duty free. Tariffs vary from country to country and we cannot tell you what you will be expected to pay. Please note that Customs duty is for your account, we do not pay it on your behalf. Terms used for this tax vary – it could be called brokerage fees, handling costs, etc. but please be aware: it is not a shipping cost. It is Customs Duty or Import Taxes.

Making the Payment

The easiest way to make the payment is PayPal, but you can also use other methods as indicated at Checkout.

Safe Delivery

Please read our Shipping and Delivery page for more details on shipping and tracking your orders. An email containing the tracking number would be sent to you every time when your order is posted.

For Beginners

Having never forget that every one of us once was a beginner, we have developed Beginner’s Treat section of our web site. If you want to start a new handicraft and are facing all those difficulties as to the supplies and your proper first steps, feel free to use it for simple designs and stitch guide for ribbon and crewel stitching.

Ways to Keep in Touch

Siting Tatiana Popova, the owner of this web site: ‘How blessed I feel to have so many like-minded friends all around the world.’ It is really a treasure of today’s technology development that we can keep in touch in so many ways:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Author’s page on Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • email

Feel free to drop a message to us at info@owl-crafts.com to share your embroidery process, etc. We are always happy to see you enjoy our products!