Victorian Bouquet - RIBBON EMBROIDERY KIT - K-014

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Skill level: Intermediate

Size: 15 by 15 сm

Produced by Owl Crafts TM

Designed by Tatiana Popova



- natural silk ribbon

- embroidery thread

- Chenille needles

- embroidery fabric and full-size template

- step-by-step Embroidery Instructions (in English)

- detailed pictorial Stitch Guide (in English)

Please mind that the jewellery box itself is NOT included in the kit.



This design was specially designed and stitched for a Beadwork Exhibition held Tokyo in August 24 - September 5, 2011. It is an annual show organised by Japan Art Accessories Association with a different theme each year. That time it was 'Britain. Victorian'.

The design was made into a jewellery box and each element of it has a meaning.

Colour. During the epoch of Queen Victoria walls and curtains of rooms in England were often done in the shades of brown, emerald green or Burgundy. Therefore they used accessories of light pastel colours. Each room had plenty of paintings, mirrors, clocks, pillows, pouffes, screens, ashtrays, pencil holders and boxes showing comfort and diversity at the same time.

Flowers. The so-called Victorian bouquets were of a quite distinct shape: they were literally huge, rich in the assortment of forestry in full bloom and placed into some heavy pottery.

Story. Another feature of the 19th century Britain was the rise of interest to fairies, elves and the other folks mentioned in old legends. Famous artists of that epoch created paintings appealing to the fairy subjects; and lots of people visited art galleries to see them. The bouquet is an invitation for a fairy to dwell in one of its flowers. Would you like to invite one into your roses?

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