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PDF - Fancy Filling Techniques

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This Stitch guide for embroidery in downloadable PDF form helps you save both your time and money. Just kindly mind a couple of things to have no trouble about downloading.

1) Create an account with us before purchasing a PDF. Having made the payment, go to Downloads in your Account to get the files. (If your purchased both embroidery kits and PDFs, your files will be there when your order is dispatched).

2) If there are only PDFs in your basket, please kindly choose Downloading as shipping method at the Checkout. (If you have purchased both kits and PDFs, then choose the option of either International or Home shipping accordingly).

A selection of most beautiful techniques for surface and crewel embroidery available in pdf form, with detailed step-by-step instructions and author's tips. Fancy Filling is a large, yet undeservedly forgotten family of embroidery techniques. Master those featured in the Guide to develop some of your own!

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