Workshops in Japan

On December 15-21, 2012 in Jokogama, Japan there was a big craft Exhibition and Fair "Beads Create Japan". I have been kindly invited to take part in it and to have two workshops on soutache embroidery. The subject of the workshops was: "Silk ribbon in soutache embroidery". The workshop was taught in English, and it was translated to Japanese.
Workshop duration: 3 hours. Cost: 100 euro, including the cost of materials.

The projects for my workshops are a brooch (A) and a pendant (B).



Students studied soutache basics: how to work with soutache braid, how to fix it properly, to attach beads and seed beads, as well as how to finish the back side of your project (an alternative way to using leather or Ultraseude).

Here are some photographs.


Having finished the workshops, I was lucky to take a photo with the famous bead master Sonoko Nozue.
And here is my showcase. My surname turned out to be a good exercise for studying hieroglyphes, due to the repeated syllables (Po-po-va) !..
People in Japan are just charming, and it was really a great pleasure working and communicating with them. They also enjoyed my workshops. The ways they expressed their gratitude was so touching, so that they made me feel embarrassed...
Japanese ladies seem to be all poets, for their words sound like odes!
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And here you go! The magnificent results of our efforts. They could not help being creative, and that was splendid!