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Welcome to Tatiana Popova`s BLOG, dedicated to silk ribbon embroidery and lots of other things about it.
Here you will find new items by Little Owl SmartCrafts, information about forthcoming products and designs, see some ribbon embroidery in process, learn more about ribbon stitces and techniques. The photos of pieces of art which were represented on this or that Craft Show all around the world will be also awailable in my Blog. I am going to place here some fresh ideas and items for inspiration as well. Our new ribbon embroidery kits and books on silk ribbon embroidery will be also announced here, as well as some information about Little Owl ribbon embroidery contest and workshops. Well, in fact, there will be a lot more...

Whishing everybody a pleasant time while browsing articles of my Blog.


What is your hobby?

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Probably each of you has a hobby. Ladies often choose a kind of craft for a hobby, and there certainly are lots of options nowadays!

How amazing it is, that today masters can share their talents worldwide through the internet! On the other hand, it is always special pleasure to see them firsthand, visiting this or that Craft Show and to read about how to make those masterpieces in craft magazines.

But the first step is always choosing what you are going to do.


To inspire yourself, browse by the following categories:


Amigurumi, ancars,


Bargello (quilts, patchwork),  Bargello needlework, batik, Beading, Beadweaving,


cardmaking, collage, crewel embroidery, Crochet,




Encaustic Painting


Fabric Art, felt (needle felting, nanofelting),




Interior dolls, 


Jacobean embroidery, Japanese temari, Jewelry Making,


Kanzashi, kirigami, Knitting,


micro-macrame, Machine Quilting designs, Metal Clay, Metalsmithing,


polymer clay,




Sewing, stained-glass window, String Art, soap making,  scrapbooking, spinning,


Teddy-bears,  Tilda, trapunto, 


weaving, Wire Jewelry Making.


Look! Only the most intricate modern hand-made crafts are mentioned, but there are only few letters free:

L N O R U V X Y Z!

To fill them in and for any other suggestion, please feel free to email me at




Our online project, dedicated to arts and crafts is called "Little Owl" (that is "sovushka" in Russian).

In my native culture (Russian) this lovely bird is a symbol of wisdom and cleverness.

In English our slogan is "Smart Crafts", and you know the meaning and why the word "smart" is often closely connected to crafts. We wish all we do is vivid, energetic, fashionable, elegant and neat.

In Japanese the word "owl" sounds like "fukuro". You probably know that one Japanese hieroglyph means one word. On the other hand, lots of words could be featured in several hieroglyphs as well. Like this:

1) Either "fuku" (meaning "happiness") + "kuru" ("comes") + "ro" (grammatic suffics);

2) Or: "fu" (meaning the absence of something, "no") + "kurou" ("hardships , sufferings").

Thus in Japanese culture the image of owl means happiness. That is what we wish to all our customers and to all people visiting our online project.


Having such a splendid name, our project just could not help starting an owl collection.



Until then - Happy stitching and...

...see you soon in My Blog again!