12 Cups Ribbon Embroidery Kit Collection

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Good news! I have started - AT LAST, at last! - working on a project of my dream: creating very simple ribbon designs for beginners, which are small flower bouquets PLACED IN CUPS. I am planning to make a collection of 12 cups, one for each month!



Enjoy yourself, embroidering a cup of your month, or making a present to your friend`s birthday with a cup of his or her own. Or just select a project you like best of all - all the options are available! Looks like a funny game, does not it?




This ribbon embroidery kit collection is called: ©"12 cups" (copyright). Each cup will have a picture which is (in this or that way) related to the nature of its month. [It will be according to the seasonal changes in the Northen hemisphere, of course, for that is how I feel the seasons myself ]. 

And it is naturally, that the flowers and plants, in those cups will be seasonal as well!




All the kits of 12 Cups Ribbon Embroidery Kit Collection will be designed for BEGINNER skill level. They should help beginners in silk ribbon embroidery to master ribbon stitches. Simple lines and methods used for those designs, yet having some author`s ideas will enable you to study all the `branches` of so-called `Ribbon Tree` (a derived system of 43 ribbon stitches, devided into 5 clusters). See the details of The Ribbon Tree, following the link.

The persentage of the studied stitches will be also mentioned.




There are printed panels ready to embroider! Silk ribbon is all attached to the organizer. And there is a very detailed instructions for stitches and embroidery process. Lots of photographs included!




The first project of this series is A Cup of August with sunflowers in it! You will learn lots of funny ways to work out flowers. Some hand-dyed silk ribbon will make sunflower petals far more charming and of natural look.




33%(!!!) of all 43 basic stitches for ribbon embroidery are used for this design.

It will make a nice wall-hanging picture or a cozy country-style pillow.




Follow the link for more details!



Happy stitching and...

...see you soon in My Blog!