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Spools for silk ribbon


We do not sell those spools, but here are some tips for beginners on how to storage their ribbon treasures.


The best way is to use plastic spools, for they provide the most convenient access to silk ribbon and prevent it from forming creases, which usually happen if ribbon is stored woven on cartoon spools.


See how those spools might be placed:


...into a box ...or onto a special stend

натуральные шелковые ленты купить, Киев, Украина, вышивка лентой фото

шелковая лента для вышивки, 100% натуральный шелк, вышивка лентой фото


- keeping them clean, no dust!

- keeping silk ribbon in order



- less convenient access comparing to a stend

- not very easy to cut a certain piece for embroidering


- easy access

- easy to cut a piece for stitching

- you can see all the colour range



- open stand, therefore you will have to clean dust every now and then

- it takes some time to find a buyer of a proper stand or some skills to make one




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