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Roses, roses, roses...

Today there is a short story about a splendid watercolour by a gifted American artist, Sonie Ames, who works on painting ceramics. Her artful pictures are splendid for silk ribbon embroidery. I chose one of her designs to embroider a picture-present for my relative`s birthday, just for art. I especially like this project because there are both flowers and a present in it, thus two in one !


ribbon embroidery roses, silk ribbon flowers, short tutorials, embroidery designs


Natural silk ribbon, used for this design, had been dyed with watercolour paints after the embroidery was finished.


ribbon rose centre, ribbon embroidery roses, flowers, tutorials, designs, classes, workshops


It looks great when one selvage of ribbon is dyed in a contrasting tone! So did I for the design called `From Olga`s Garden`.


ribbon rose petal, dying silk ribbon, short tutorial, blog on ribbon embroidery


Rose leaves are worked in ribbon stitches.


ribbon leaves, rose leaf, ribbon embroidery, ribbon stitch, dying silk ribbon


And there is the whole bunch of stitches used to work rose petals. About one third of so called Ribbon Tree (see our Ribbon Embroidery Stitch Collection with 43 stitches for silk ribbon, gathered together in five clasters of a Ribbon Tree. The instruction is available in English. Please kindly email me to all_popov@bigmir.net to order it).


ribbon rose, flower centre, ribbon embroidery design, ribbon stitches for petals.


Some petals are fixed with thread, one by one. Others are worked using silk ribbon only. The ribbon is folded to shape the petals.


pink rose ribbon, silk ribbon embroidery, designs by Tatiana Popova, ribbon roses, flowers


Pins are commonly used for ribbon embroidery to temporally attach the folded ribbon to the fabric.


embroidery, ribbon, pins, short tutorials, silk ribbon flowers, roses


Silk ribbon of different size was used for different petals to create 3-dimensional effect and enreach the work.


silk ribbon size, tutorial, rose petal, ribbon rose, ribbon embroidery, dying


`Cabbage Leaf` rose petal is good for it has hundreds of varieties! It helps creating quite different rose petal shapes. To master Cabbage Leaf method you can work on this ribbon embroidery kit. Please email me to all_popov@bigmir.net to order it.


rose petals, silk ribbon, dying, short tutorials, instructions, ribbon design, ribbon embroidery


The very same silk ribbon is used to make the rose buds stuff. French knots are worked to fill them. French knots are great for embroidering landscapes in silk ribbon.



Some small elements can be worked in thread to make them tiny. Others can be remained as they are - just a printed pannel design. It is up to embroiderer to decide, and every time it is like a wonder!


Frame the finished piece and enjoy it!..

Have a nice day and see you soon in my Blog again!