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Silk ribbon: advantages and disadvantages

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Ribbon embroidery technique (if judging on usage of specially weaved ribbon, not just cut stripes of silk fabric) is about 350...400 years old. When they just started its developing, the only material for ribbon was the one made of natural fibres. Nobody had even an idea of artificial threads and fabrics.


Nowadays things have changed. Artificial materials are becoming more and more popular. And we also have polyester ribbon and artificial silk ribbon in use. They cirtainly have their advantages.

Still, there always is a question whether it is worth using them for stitching.


Having been working with natural silk ribbon for a dozen of years, I would like to give just a couple of thoughts on that matter.



1) I have never seen a design for which the following rule would not be true: if you stitch it with natural silk and then repeat the same job in any kind of artificial ribbon, you will get two totally different embroideries, and the first one (worked in natural silk ribbon) would be far better. As if you were comparing a picture drawn in felt tip pens to the one worked in oil painting.


2) The very process of stitching is nicer if you are using natural silk ribbon. It will be easier to pass your needle through the fabric and the very touch of natural silk is so perfect and so relaxing!


3) Natural silk ribbon dyed by a good manufacturer are very unlikely to bleed (to run in washes).



4) Natural silk ribbon create more beautiful folds while you are stitching.


5) Natural silk ribbon does not fray much!



6) Natural silk ribbon is a kind of luxurious material used for the whole bunch of different arts and crafts, e.g. doll making.



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7) Natural silk ribbon is a high-quality material worth using for such a laborious job as embroidery. How dreadful it would be if you use weeks or months to create a beautiful design, thus it does not come out beautiful due to a wrong kind of materials used.



Still, natural silk ribbon cirtainly have its disadvantages.




In fact, there is only one sufficiant disadvantage, that is the cost of natural silk ribbon. Yes, it really is far more expensive than any synthetic ribbon. Still I have found a strange thing: framing and mounting of a finished piece of embroidery is always more expensive than the cost of used materials. Is it not funny?!!





Until then - Happy stitching and...

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