II Lucky Ribbon Embroidery Contest

October 17th 2015 in Kiev the 2nd Lucky Ribbon International Contest on silk ribbon embroidery is going to take place.

It is organized by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM.


The final part of the contest will take place within Masters` Golden Hands Kiev Craft Show at Brovarsky Ave, 15.


The tutor of the contest is Tatiana Popova, ribbon embroidery designer, teacher and author. The entries are by Little Owl SmartCrafts Kits on ribbon embroidery. Following the link you will find the terms of participation.


The winners` projects (won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places) will be exposed at a craft show in the UK or USA.






1. Nadezhda Halina of Kiev


"I have started doing silk ribbon embroidery this year, after being retired. Still I have admired the artworks of this creative style of embroidery for a long time. I am a creative person by nature: I draw a little, write poems, but my job always took most of my life, so that I had no free time. Having finished Ribbon embroidery workshops by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM I started considering ribbon embroidery in a totally new way. Thank you, Tatiana, for teaching me to love the beauty of this embroidery style and to create. Thank you very much!"


Nadezhda shows two of her artworks:


- Autumn Birthday, a fairy design which she embroidered following the instructions to our K-039 ribbon embroidery kit.


конкурс по вышивке лентой, вышивка лентами фото, курсы вышивки лентой, наборы для вышивания лентами купить


And some close-up details of this artwork:


вышивка лентами подсолнухи, конкурс по вышивке лентой, шелковая лента купить, вышивка лентой

вышивка шелковыми лентами, конкурс по вышивке лентой, подсолнухи из ленты, вышивка лентой цветы фото

конкурс по вышивке лентой, шелковая лента, вышивка, наборы для вышивки лентой, цветы из лент фото


- And increadibly beautiful, yet so very complicated From Olga`s Garden design

based on our K-038 ribbon embroidery kit.


вышивка лентами конкурс, вышивка лентой, розы из шелковых лент



вышивка лентами, мастера рукоделия, вышивка лентой цветов

вышивка лентами конкурс, вышивка лентой, розы из лент фото, картины из лент

конкурс по вышивке лентами, роза из шелковой ленты, тонирование ленты, цветы из лент фото



2. Olga Zelenkovskaya, town of Kotsybinske in Kiev region


Olga created so life-like portrait of camomiles by our Meadow Lady Guest K-015 kit for silk ribbon embroidery.




конкурс по вышивке лентами, ромашки вышивка лентой, цветы из лент, шелковая лента



3. Barbara Wilson, Highland, Utah USA


"Several years ago I became acquainted with the art of ribbon embroidery but there were very few resources available. Recently, since retiring and with the advancement of the internet, I have been noticing many beautiful ribbon embroidery artworks and thinking that I would like to try developing this new hobby. I am particularly attracted to floral pieces. (I love everything related to nature – animals¸ plants, insects, birds, fish, etc). When I found the kits on sovushka.com, it seemed to be just what I was looking for, so I ordered some beginner kits. The first that I tried was “Autumn Waltz”. The materials and instructions were so complete. I enjoyed working on this project and I’m very happy with the results. I am anxious to continue working on with other projects. It is so fulfilling to be able to create such beautiful 3-dimensional artwork."


Barbara created her very first artwork in ribbon embroidery technique! It is based on K-036 Autumn Walts ribbon embroidery kit. And how splendid it is!


вышивка лентой осенней тематики, цветы из лент, вышивка лентами цветов и ягод, наборы схемы для вышивки лентой


4. Helen Sergienko of Kiev






5. Tatiana Sandler from the town of Belaya Tserkov


"A couple of words about myself. I was always fond of handcraft, especially enjoying crosstitch (still it is rather laborious and time-consuming). Once, visiting a craft show, I found ribbon embroidery, that was a totally new technique for myself. On having tried it, it engaged me so much, that I can not do without it now.

Each piece in this technique becomes unique!"


Tatiana embroidered Inga Paltser`s owlets by How It All Started K-029 ribbon embroidery kit.


 конкурс по вышивке лентами, мастера рукоделия

 вышивка лентой, конкурс по вышивке лентами, совушки вышивка, наборы для вышивки лентой

 совушки вышивка лентой, совы Инги Пальцер, шелковая лента



6. Natalia of Kiev



 - по нашему дизайну "--", набор для вышивки лентой К-0--.