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Ribbon embroidery irises: free workshop

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There are dozens of ways of how to work irises in silk ribbon embroidery. It is due to the wast variety of sorts, colours and shapes of this beautiful flower we are having nowadays.


Here is one of the simpliest yet charming form of iris flower.


The numbers in the pattern indicate three kinds of iris petals, depending on what ribbon embroidery stitch and what ribbon is used to work it out.


The numbers also show the most convenient sequence of stitching.


Use Chenille needles size 16, 18 and 20 to stitch irises in silk ribbon.


Petal 1

a) Two side ribbon stitches facing each other. 13mm deep periwinkle blue silk ribbon;

b) one centre ribbon stitch using 7mm pale yellow silk ribbon;

c) one centre ribbon stitch using 4mm saffron yellow silk ribbon.

Petal 2

Straight stitch, 7mm deep periwinkle blue silk ribbon.


You will find the step-by-step instructions for all those stitches mentioned above here (Free Patterns for Silk Ribbon Embroidery).


Petal 3

Wasp Waist stitching technique, 7mm deep periwinkle blue silk ribbon. That technique for ribbon embroidery is described in detailed instructions and photographs in "The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery" book by Tatiana Popova