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Ribbon embroidery to decorate your kitchen

Free step-by-step workshop by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM


чашка кофе миниатюра, схемы вышивки для кухни, кухонная тематика, принты для вышивки лентамивышивка лентами для кухни, кулинарная книга своими руками, принты для вышивки

Developed and embroidered by Tatiana Popova
Watercolour by Lyana Chalk

Embroidery size: about 8 х 12cm


A lot of ribbon embroidery techniques are shown in this project!

While embroidering flowers and a cup you will find out
- about three different ways to work out flowers in ribbon embroidery,
- about trapunto technique,
- about the way to work stamens,
- how to arrange this embroidery.
I used this embroidery to embelish the cover of a cooking book.
Still it can be used for a wall-hanging samples, a cover for jewellery box or an applique attach to an apron.

Work order

вышивка лентами схемы бесплатно загрузить, кухонная тематика 

1. A twig of Japanese cherry. 2mm silk black ribbon, French knots.  Vary the number of loops to make the twig more dimensional. Optional: add some Pistil stitches at the tips of the twig.



 вышивка лентами схемы бесплатно загрузить, кухонная тематика, бесплатные схемы

вышивка лентами схемы кухонная тематика, бесплатно загрузить, бесплатные схемы

2. Flower 1. Ribbon stitch, arched variant. 13mm silk ribbon of two shades of pink.

Help yourself with a second needle to work rolled tips of ribbon stitches. Do not pull on the ribbon too tight. Fix the stitches, using a toning thread. Work dark pink ribbon stitch for the underneath part of the petal, then cover it with light pink one. Fill in the middle part of all the three flowers with yellow stamens.

 вышивка лентами, бесплатные схемы, цветы вышитые лентой

3. Flower 2. «Japanese cherry» gathering technique using 20mm dark pink and scarlet ribbon. Take a bigger Chenille needle (size 13) to bring the ribbon end to the back side.

Fix the end using a sewing pin or stab stitch it using thread.

Fold the ribbon in half along its length, so that salvages meet together. Now work Japanese cherry gathering, working stitches alongside the folded ribbon in zigzag shape.

 вышивка лентами схемы бесплатно загрузить, бесплатные схемы, кухонная тематика

4. Flower 3. «Free form folding the ribbon» while working out the flower petals. You will need some 13mm Variegated scarlet silk ribbon and... your creativity, of course.

Immediatelly fix the folds in toning thread.

 вышивка лентой бесплатное обучение, курсы, Киев

5. Flower stamens. Work the stamens in golden-yellow stranded cotton thread. Make the loops in the middle part of the flowers until they are filled. Now cut the loops using sharp scissors with thin blades. Shorten them where necessary.


 мастер-класс по вышивке лентами бесплатно, схемы для вышивки

6. Embroidering the cup. 7mm olive silk ribbon and central ribbon stitch (for leaves); 7mm white silk ribbon and straight stitches (for petals). 7mm yellow silk ribbon and French knots for embroidering flower centres.


 вышивка лентами бесплатно загрузить, кухонная тематика, бесплатные схемы 7. Trapunto. See any online workshops work trapunto, making cherries 3-dimensional.
 трапунто, вышивка лентами, кухонная тематика, бесплатные схемы

8. White line alongside the cup. Use white Cotton Perle thread and chain stitch to embroider a line decorating the cup.

 вышивка трапунто, объемная вышивка, вышивка лентами схемы бесплатно загрузить 9. Trapunto for the cup. Now do the same around the cup.
 шелковая лента и вышивка - бесплатно загрузить 10. Ribbon braid. Combine different colours of 4mm silk ribbon to get a braided borders of your embroidery. While attaching the braid to the cover of the albom, work tiny stitches in toning thread, stitching through the back side of the braid only.


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