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Ribbon embroidery contest

(`The Lucky Ribbon!` embroidery contest by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM)


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Terms of participation

1. Organizers of the contest

This contest is being organized by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM, administrated by Tatiana Popova.
Please feel free to contact me at +380 67 450 26 50 or email me: all_popov@bigmir.net


2. Contest entries

Ribbon designs shown throughout the selection of kits for ribbon embroidery by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM are accepted for contest entries [please kindly follow the link to see the assortment].

There is NO LIMIT to the number of contest projects worked out by one contestant. The projects should be finished and framed properly.

Please give us the information regarding your participation before March 31, 2016.


3. Contest winners

Winners of the Lucky Ribbon embroidery contest are to be selected in two steps.
- The first step is held online. Send us the photographs of your finished projects and a brief information about yourself to our email box: all_popov@bigmir.net

The best projects will be selected to take part in the final of the contest. The works or their high-resolution photographs are to be sent to Kiev. I will email you my postal address in personal correspondence.

(The postage to the Show and back is to be payed by contestants).

- The second step is the final part of the contest. It will be held within Masers` Golden Hands Craft Show in Kiev (April 15-17, 2016). The winners will be selected via voting of both participants and visitors of the show.


4. Contest awards

Winners of the contest will get Gift Certificates to purchase goods for silk ribbon embroidery by Little Owl SmartCrafts

TM (they are natural silk ribbon, ribbon embroidery kits, books and printed panels).




Wishing you success and inspiration!
Let ribbon embroidery brings you joy and pleasure, and the contest itself becomes your new step towards your Goal!

To conclude the subject I would rather cite a well-known American bead artist, the words addressed to all craft contest participants:
«Remember, that taking part in contests is not just about to win a prise, but to advertise your art. Contests show your work to thousands, therefore we need them as we need advertisement». (Huib Petersen)


P.P.S. The above photo shows projects, made by Little Owl ribbon embroidery kits by

Anastasia Zingl (Austria),

Natalia from the city of Nikolaev (Ukraine),

Innesa from Kiev (Ukraine),

Helen (Issa KeiRo) from Kiev (Ukraine).

Международный конкурс по вышивке лентами, Киев, выставки рукоделияThe first International Ribbon embroidery contest, organized by Little Owl SmartCrafts took place in October 2014. Its final part was held within `Masters` Golden Hands` Craft Show in Kiev, Ukraine (Brovarsky Ave, 15).


Visitors and Show participants voted for the projects by finalists to select the three best artworks. The voting took place on October, 17th and 18th.


The contest participants were from three countries, i.e. Ukraine, Russia and USA. The youngest participant was only three years old!


Most of participants showed their very first designs in silk ribbon embroidery, all worked by kits for ribbon embroidery by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM.


The tutor of `The Lucky Ribbon!` contest was Tatiana Popova (+380 67 450 26 50+380 67 450 26 50), the author of a book on silk ribbon embroidery and a participant of both home and foreign craft exhibitions.


The contest results were announced on October 18th, 2014.


The photographs below show our booth with contest artworks and the speach of one of the contest winners at the rewarding festival ceremony.

победители конкурса по вышивке лентой, вышивка лентами конкурс фото  Международный конкурс по вышивке лентами, выставки вышивки, Киев, рукоделие  конкурс по вышивке лентами, выставка Золотые руки мастеров, Киев, выставки рукоделия



выставки рукоделия, вышивки, конкурс по вышивке, международный конкурс

The winners of the 1st `Lucky Ribbon!` contest on silk ribbon embroidery:
1 place - Ludmila Kurushina, "The Hidden House" (132 votes given for it).
2 place - Svetlana Lebedeva, "From Olga`s Garden" (94 votes for it).
3 place - Tatiana Akchurina, "Searching Look" (81 votes for it).


We heartly congratulate the winners and wish all of them new great ideas, much inspiration and to have their ribbon lucky forewer!


Welcome to brose our BLOG for more photographs.



Little Owl SmartCrafts announces a Silk Fairtale contest on ribbon embroidery. Three best projects (1, 2 and 3 place) will take part in Craft Show in Birmingham, UK.

Besides, a winner of the 1st place will get a certificate, to purchase goods in Little Owl SmartCrafts online shop (silk ribbon, ribbon embroidery kits, embroidery books).





The finalists of our ribbon embroidery contest: just have a look to admire their talents!


The youngest participant is a 6-year-old girl, her name is Maria Grigorieva  (Moscow region, Russia). She embroidered our design of Cottage House ribbon embroidery kit. Her mother helped her to do it, still she worked on her own.

вышивка лентой для начинающих, схемы вышивки лентами, конкурс по вышивке

конкурс по вышивке лентой, купить наборы для вышивания лентами






















These artworks are by talented Svetlana Fomichova (the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine). She is fond of different kinds of embroidery, and I must say, every her project is a masterpiece!

Her works are by Victorian Bouquet and Searching Look ribbon embroidery kits.

 ribbon embroidery contest, ribbon flowers, embroidery designs  ribbon embroidery, contest, owlets, owls, embroidery designs, contest  International ribbon embroidery contest, little owls in embroidery, designs



And one more piece by Helen Chistyakova (Murmansk, Russia): Once In an Old Town Street ribbon embroidery kit.

 ribbon embroidery contest  international ribbon embroidery contest, silk ribbon embroidery, designs






Svetlana Lebedeva, Vinnitsa, Ukraine (From Olga`s Garden ribbon embroidery kit).

конкурс по вышивке лентами, шелковые ленты цветы, наборы для вышивки лентой вышивка лентами конкурс фото, работы, вышитые лентой, розы из ленты 
цветы розы из шелковой ленты, вышивка лентами, фото, конкурс по вышивке лентой  




Ludmila Kurushina, Vasilkiv, Kiev region (That is How It All Started, Once In an Old Town Street and A Hidden House ribbon embroidery kits).

 Инга Пальцер, совята, конкурс по вышивке лентами
вышивка лентами, наборы для вышивки, фото работ, конкурс по вышиванию лентами
вышивка лентами, пейзажи, фото, конкурс, шелковые ленты, наборы для вышивки  



Tatiana Akchurina, Kharkiv, Ukraine (Searching Look ribbon embroidery kit)


 Татьяна Акчурина, Харьков, Украина, международный конкурс по вышивке лентой вышивка лентами Татьяны Акчуриной, натуральная шелковая лента, наборы для вышивки лентами
 вышивка лентами цветы фото, фото работ, вышитых лентами, международный конкурс по вышивке лентами  вышивка шелковыми лентами, вышивка хардангер, Татьяна Акчурина, конкурс вышивки лентами фото
 международный конкурс по вышивке лентами, наборы для вышивания лентой, совята Инги Пальцер  вышивка шелковыми лентами фото, конкурс по вышивке лентой, работы галерея




Irina Nikolaeva, Kiev, Ukraine (That is How It All Started ribbon embroidery kit).


 вышивка лентой конкурс, участник международного конкурса по вышивке шелковыми лентами вышивка лентами международный конкурс, вышивание лентой по наборам, совята Инги Пальцер 





Olga Zelenkovskaya, Kotzyubinske, Kiev region, Ukraine (Easter Treatment, Snowdrops and Forget-me-nots ribbon embroidery kits)






Natalia Franklin, Madison, WI (Legend of Mexico ribbon embroidery kit)







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