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Books on silk ribbon embroidery

Little Owl SmartCrafts TM is happy to introduce books by Tatiana Popova on the beautiful art of silk ribbon embroidery.




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A textbook on modern silk ribbon embroidery

"The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery"


Published in 2016

Languages: English, Russian

Number of pages: 208

Number of designs for silk ribbon embroidery: 20

Deatils on the book content: follow the link, please.


Amazing news:

In January 2019

the book is going to have a second publishing

by the renown

Search Press

(the best and the biggest publisher of art and craft books based in the UK). Just have a look at their beautiful web site!


Meanwhile we are selling out the the first edition of the book, just a few copies left!






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In 2013 the first book by Tatiana Popova was published. Its plot was ribbon embroidery classics and it was arranged as a textbook.

That edition of the book was published in the Russian language only.


The title: "Silk ribbon and Embroidery"

Published in 2013

Language: Russian

Number of pages: 152

Number of designs for silk ribbon embroidery: 16

Deatils on the book content: follow the link, please.



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Designs from the book:


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Currently that editon is sold out. Here you can find all the designs of the book in KIT FORM with instructions in English. Each kit contains all the necessary materials and information to create your own masterpiece!






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