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Ribbon embroidery for a birthday present

step-by-step workshop for beginners by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM


 вышивка лентой для начинающих, бесплатные схемы скачать, рисунки для вышивки

"Happy Birthday!"design


by Sonie Ames` watercolour

Embroidered by Tatiana Popova

Finished size: 27 х 20cm


You will study:
- basic ribbon embroidery stitches,
- how to create 3D flower petals using natural silk ribbon,
- some stitches for thread to decorate ribbon embroidery projects.
The main peculiarity of the design is that being just beautiful and so charming and elegant, it is really very easy to stitch! Moreover, the work develops very quickly, you will be able to fininsh it within one evening!

The printed pannel is by watercolour by
Sonie Amesan, an extremly tallented ameircan artist, aslo known as Rose Lady due to her amazing rose watercolours. Her wonderful life proves that it is never too late to learn, for she started painting porcelain in her 50th..
And you can add any other sign you would like to inside the semi-circles of florish garlands.

Work order

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1. Flowers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11 и 12.
Use 7mm Variegated blue ribbon (V021) to work them in straight and ribbon stitches. Here you will find the instructions for these stitches .


Take a №4 or 5 knitting needle, a Chinese stick or a pencil to work the petal loops - just put your ribbon around the stick while the needle goes to the back side of the fabric.

Try to make loops of slightly different size for a natural look.


 ribbon flowers, silk ribbon, ribbon embroidery short tutorials, beginners guide to ribbon emboidery, ribbon design

2. Flowers 4, 6, 7 and 9
are worked in 7mm lilac to blue silk ribbon (S579) in the same stitches described above. I decided to remain the middle parts as they were, but you could also decorate them with beads or French knots worked in White silk ribbon.

Flower calyxes are embroidered in light green stranded cotton thread, using straight stitches fancing around the petals.

 вышивка лентами бесплатные схемы скачать, для начинающих вышивать лентой

3. Yellow flowers (the sign on the left-hand picture says: flowers and leaves).
Work using 2mm yellow and light yellow Variegated  silk ribbon, adding some White and brown ribbon to shade the clusters of flowers.

Use half-bow stitch or shortened ribbon stitch, as it is also called.


 beginners in ribbon embroidery, stitches for silk ribbon, ribbon stitch guide, pictures of ribbon embroidery projects

4. Leaves.
Use only 4mm silk ribbon of different shade of green: Variegated olive (V024), light green (J031), moss green (J171) and olive (S652).


Work the leaves in different modifications of ribbon stitch (folded ribbon stitch, double ribbon stitch, classical ribbon stitch).



ribbon embroidery, short tutorials, embroidery patterns for beginners, stitches for silk ribbon

5. Stems and smaller twigs.
Use stranded cotton to work them in stem stitch. Add some Fly stites for the twigs of yellow flowers.

Play around, changing the colour to get some sunlight beam effects.


 split stitch, stitch guide for beginners, birthday presents, happy birthday sign

6. The sign.
Work it in split stitch using Cotton Perle DMC embroidery thread. I used Variegated thread for more intricate effect. Or you can also combine several colours, working each letter in its own colour or just alteing them.



Welcome to our ribbon embroidery kits page.

Every kit has all the necessary material for embroidery + the detailed instructions + the description of all the used stitches. Our ribbon embroidery kit collection includes kits for all skill level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.



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