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Here you will find new items by Little Owl SmartCrafts, information about forthcoming products and designs, see some ribbon embroidery in process, learn more about ribbon stitces and techniques. The photos of pieces of art which were represented on this or that Craft Show all around the world will be also awailable in my Blog. I am going to place here some fresh ideas and items for inspiration as well. Our new ribbon embroidery kits and books on silk ribbon embroidery will be also announced here, as well as some information about Little Owl ribbon embroidery contest and workshops. Well, in fact, there will be a lot more...

Whishing everybody a pleasant time while browsing articles of my Blog.


When leaves are becoming flowers...

That is how someone characterized autumn, and to my oppinion this is the best definition!

Autumn is always in embroidery wishlist. It is fun to show its colours, flowers, wonderful landscapes and still life in silk ribbon and thread embroidery.


But that is how I found a gap in our Little Owl SmartCrafts ribbon embroidery kit collection: there are only three kits for silk ribbon embroidry there!!!


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I found, it is rather difficult for me to start doing an autumn plot. Spring and summer abandon in flowers and colours, they come to us like a waterfall, just catch them into your palms. But autumn is different. It is calm, silent and thoughtful. Thus it demands a special mood to work out its icons.


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Here I would like to show you an artwork of one person who was not afraid to start doing autumn designs. This is Barbara Wilson, Utah, USA.

"Several years ago I became acquainted with the art of ribbon embroidery but there were very few resources available. Recently, since retiring and with the advancement of the internet, I have been noticing many beautiful ribbon embroidery artworks and thinking that I would like to try developing this new hobby. I am particularly attracted to floral pieces. (I love everything related to nature – animals¸ plants, insects, birds, fish, etc). When I found the kits on sovushka.com, it seemed to be just what I was looking for, so I ordered some beginner kits. The first that I tried was “Autumn Waltz”. The materials and instructions were so complete. I enjoyed working on this project and I’m very happy with the results. I am anxious to continue working on with other projects. It is so fulfilling to be able to create such beautiful 3-dimensional artwork. "


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Barbara participates our Lucky Ribbon embroidery contest. Wishing her good luck!


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Wishing you all a bright splendid autumn mood

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...and sending one very autumn photo of silk ribbon


Happy stitching and...

...see you soon in My Blog!