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Here you will find new items by Little Owl SmartCrafts, information about forthcoming products and designs, see some ribbon embroidery in process, learn more about ribbon stitces and techniques. The photos of pieces of art which were represented on this or that Craft Show all around the world will be also awailable in my Blog. I am going to place here some fresh ideas and items for inspiration as well. Our new ribbon embroidery kits and books on silk ribbon embroidery will be also announced here, as well as some information about Little Owl ribbon embroidery contest and workshops. Well, in fact, there will be a lot more...

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Owl collection

craft online project on ribbon embroidery, soutache embroidery and quilling; buy natural silk ribbon and hand-made presents, owl, art, design, SRE, Show, exhibition, festival, EuropeLittle OwlTM Smart Crafts online project presents our collection of owls.


They come to us from different parts of the world. We buy them during our business and tourist trips and receive them as presents from our foreign guests.

Looking at owl sculptures I love the way they are created.


But even more I appreciate how the very image of an owl is used by designers for different objects.


Have a look!


коллекция сов, проект "A goup photograph"
The first row, left to right:

a little round-shaped owl from Austria,

a white polar owl from William Shakespear motherland (Stratford-upon-Avon),

a tiny brown owl from Nottingham (a hello from Robin Hood),

a handmade cosmetics bag with an owl family ("Masters` Golden Hands" Craft Show, Kiev, August 2011)


The second row with bigger owls, left to right:

an brown owl from UK,
a librarian owl with white breast.

The two owls flying above:

a macrame owl,

a crochet owl (Teddy-bear Show in Kiev, December 2010).

оригинальные часы, сувениры, дизайнерские подарки, коллекция сов, проект An owl watch-pendant,
from Milwaukee, WI
bought in June, 2011
(a marketplace on the
Bead&Button Show)
эксклюзивная коллекция сов, совушки фото, изображения совы, дизайн, арт, фигурки из пластики, оригинальные подвески в Киеве
"Welcome!" owl pendant (USA)


коллекция сов, проект
Origami paper from
It may look like that!

 футболки с аппликацией, украшения на одежде, коллекция сов, дизайн одежды, эксклюзивные совы, текстильная совушка, хенд-мейд, декорколлекция сов, фарфоровая сова, статуэтка совушка, эксклюзивные совы, сова из глины, хенд-мейд, декор, дизайнA shop in Cincinnati, OH

represents a collection of items,

designed by

Stephen Joseph.


He created a wide range of things, either owl-shaped or decorated with images of owls.


They are: 


decorative figurines,

bags and rucksacks,

jewellery boxes,

trinkets and charms,

a case for spectacles, a vacuum flask,

a bottle for babies,

cuddly toys,

a bar of soap, and even a starling-house!!!



 сова-кармашек, коллекция сов, американский дизайнер, эксклюзивные совы, сова макраме, хенд-мейд, декор, подарки к Новому году оригинальный очешник, сова и предметы интерьера, аппликация из кожи, подарки ко дню рождения, совушки дизайн творчество, креатив коллекция сов, детские рюкзачки, мягкие игрушки, проект
брелок на память, дизайн, творчество, арт-объекты, сувениры, сова на память, символ мудрости, символизм, логотип, коллекция украшения, сувениры, подарки, сова в декоре, арт коллекция, молодежные украшения, совушка из Америки сова на детском термосе, дизайн на кухне, детские аксессуары, совушка коллекция сов скраб с кофе мыло ручной работы арт дизайн сувениры полезные подарки креатив совушка коллекция сов мягкие игрушки детям подарки сувениры из Америки дизайн творчество креатив арт





Mosaic Animal Collection

And this is a present from Spane.

This owl is a part of

Mosaic Animal Collection "BARCINO".

Visitign their Web-site for inspiration

is strongly recommended:


















A designer team from Great Britain (https://uk.accessorize.com/) is developing a new collection each season. And each time their collection has a different HERO (swallows, panda, dragon-flies, butterflies, etc.) I visited their shop just in time - the new collection with owls had just arrived.









The shop assistant kindly helped me to make photographs. Accessorize, Kiev, +38 (044) 585-34-97, www.md-group.com.ua

And one more owl, it is from Russia. Lampwork by  Maria Mazai.



  сувениры из Китая сова перышки перья подарки коллекция сов эксклюзив дизайн

 The next owl is made from real feathers, it is from China.
Here you can browse for owls made from... pebbles! They are created by Isabella Groppali!
The next one is not origami! It is an imitation. Just a picture by Jeremy Cool from Australia.
He drew a number of animals in this style,
intending to publish a book for children.


    Felted little owls (here they are).







And this owl is worked in quilling










Until then - Happy stitching and...

...see you soon in My Blog again!