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Here you will find new items by Little Owl SmartCrafts, information about forthcoming products and designs, see some ribbon embroidery in process, learn more about ribbon stitces and techniques. The photos of pieces of art which were represented on this or that Craft Show all around the world will be also awailable in my Blog. I am going to place here some fresh ideas and items for inspiration as well. Our new ribbon embroidery kits and books on silk ribbon embroidery will be also announced here, as well as some information about Little Owl ribbon embroidery contest and workshops. Well, in fact, there will be a lot more...

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Monograms in silk ribbon embroidery


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New designs in our collection of ribbon embroidery kits designed by Tatiana Popova of Little Owl SmartCrafts TM.



Stitched monograms are perfect present for our dearest ones. Besides it is a thrilling practice in ribbon embroidery even for... beginners! You will study dosens of ribbon stitches and techniques, creating charming designs.






Selecting a monogram, choose either the first letter of person`s name (surname), or even the first letter of a meaningful word.




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And that is how it happened to me this time.

A new bunch of monograms I have created to fulfill one of numerous orders for ribbon embroidery kits. This time it was from the States. And the letters were S, R, D and A. They were the first letters for the names of that ladie`s friends.


But for me they had another meaning, yet as important. Just look: Silk Ribbon is my terasure, the most delicate stitching material ever used. It helps creating ever-blossoming flower bouquets.

And as to the other two letters: Ann Cox и Di van Niekerk are the two dearest teachers and kindest friends I gained while practicing silk ribbon embroidery. Their art is so precious, and they both have tremendous tallent for stitching and designing.

Is not that marvelous?!



Use our ribbonwork monograms to decorate a pillow, a pinkeep, a top of a jewellery box or a table napkin. Or make them beautiful wall-hanging samples to remind you to the kindest people in your life and to show your love and care to them.


The new kits for stitching monograms using ribbon embroidery are awailable at https://owl-crafts.com/en/ribbon_embroidery_kits/

To order a kit, email us to: all_popov@bigmir.net

or just call me: +380 67 450 2650 (Tatiana).


Happy stitching and let your gifts rejoice peoples` hearts!





Happy stitching and...

...see you soon in My Blog!