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Letter K Monogram

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Letter K Monogram ribbon embroidery kit

(Monograms series of kits for silk ribbon embroidery)

Produced by: Little Owl SmartCrafts TM

Designed by Tatiana Popova

Skill level: BEGINNER
Size: 10x15сm

Code: K-006

Kit price: $16

Language: English

in stock

Order email: all_popov@bigmir.net

Order phone: +380 67 450 2650

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This kit for silk ribbon embroidery includes:

- ribbon organizer holding all the necessary silk ribbon (100% natural silk)

- all the necessary threads / beads

- all the necessary Chenille needles

- fabric + full-size template

- step-by-step instructions for the embroidery process with diagrams and photographs (in English)

- detailed stitch guide for all the stitches used to embroider this design (in English)




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We also accept orders for designing and stitching monograms of different size and colours.

Contact me all_popov@bigmir.net


Kent, Kevin, Keri, Kathrynm Kimberly. A monogram for a small pillow, a card or a wall-hanging sample. Rejoice those, whom you love with a personalized present, bearing warmth of your hands.




For more designs see The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book by Tatiana Popova. Bestseller!

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  2. Tatiana Popova

    Not yet, unfortunately. But I can do it for you maximum in a month time, if it suits you. Just let me know. Anyway I am planning to do all the ABC, but not in the immediate future. I am sorry for that. :)

  3. Shirley Christie

    Beautiful....... Are there more manly colors that can be used for the monograms? Sincerely, Shirley at: n.c.mountians1965@gmail.com

  4. Tatiana Popova

    Thank you Shirley for your kind words. Yes, there is quite a wide range of silk ribbon colours at SILK RIBBON page of our website. Any selection is possible for this design.

  5. Mary Donovan

    Do you have a kit for the letters D and one for T? Do you ship to the United Stayes?

  6. Tatiana Popova

    Thank you, Mary Donovan for your comment. We are going to create kits for all the ABC in future. Unfortunately we do not have them at present. You can make prepayment of them and we will create them within a week. Please kindly email me to all_popov@bigmir.net for more details.

  7. Audreyetta Swanson

    Do you have the letter D and A

  8. Tatiana Popova

    Not yet! :( We are going to work hard to meet your request, Audreyetta Swanson. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Joie Brasington

    The letter will work for my daughter Kate. It would be nice to do one for Alexandra with the letter A. Your embroidery is just tremendous. It naturally caught my eye.

  10. Tatiana Popova

    Thank you for your feedback, Joie Brasington. Yes, it will. I am so glad about it. And - yes! - I will certainly do for the whole ABC. Just need to finish The 12 Cup series, then I was going to be back with letters. :)