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Welcome to Tatiana Popova`s BLOG, dedicated to silk ribbon embroidery and lots of other things about it.
Here you will find new items by Little Owl SmartCrafts, information about forthcoming products and designs, see some ribbon embroidery in process, learn more about ribbon stitces and techniques. The photos of pieces of art which were represented on this or that Craft Show all around the world will be also awailable in my Blog. I am going to place here some fresh ideas and items for inspiration as well. Our new ribbon embroidery kits and books on silk ribbon embroidery will be also announced here, as well as some information about Little Owl ribbon embroidery contest and workshops. Well, in fact, there will be a lot more...

Whishing everybody a pleasant time while browsing articles of my Blog.


Key ideas about ribbon embroidery


Have you ever heard of the essential tips on the very concept of ribbon stitching?!! Taking them into account is rather important to proceed your ribbonwork successfully.


"It is worth doing ribbon embroidery with no rush, slowly and enjoying the very process - as if you are waltzing."

How true this idea is! For you are to care about the ribbon shape every time you start performing a new stitch. The ribbon is to be laying flat and forming no creases or doing no twists for the right shape of most of ribbon stitches.


"Ribbon embroidery is alike a black hole, for it is constantly involving stitches from other embroidery techniques and adopting them for silk ribbon."

Every year the number of stitches used for silk ribbon embroidery increases. Most of those "newcomers" originates from other embroidery techniques. It is fun, for every ribbon stitcher is able to contribute it!


"100% natural silk ribbon is like the cat that walks by himself!"

Yes, pure silk ribbon is rather a self-will object! It seems impossible to quarrel with it - only sign some diplomatical agreements :)

On the other hand, it is a great advantage for ribbon stitches: silk ribbon going its own way, may form an adorable petal or leaf you were not even thinking of! So be attentive to its "whims" for they may help stitching your design even better then you have been arranged it! And never force silk ribbon to come here or there in this or that way - rather make a quiet request :)


"Silk ribbon is an expert in reincarnation."

Yes, the very same ribbon size or colour may be associated with totally different items, being placed in different surrounding in your design. Moreover, there are dozens of options of usage the very same stitch! What richness!!!


"There is no idea for "correct" or "incorrect" stitching in ribbon embroidery. Other categories are used instead: whether it is beautiful or not!"

And always remember: you are the only person allowed to judge whether your artwork is beautiful. If you like your work and have enjoyed the stitching process, and if the result makes you smile happily, then such a design is nothing but just wonderful!!!


"Of course, you are not an expert in ribbon stitching when you just start working on your very first project. To be the one, you are to finish it, and to start working on your second project."

And there is no exaggeration there. The technique itself is extremely simple, so you will master it quickly and easily. Just take your time to practice and you will see it yourself. Ribbon embroidery is really very rich in stitches and ribbonwork techniques, but a good stitch guide is all you need to master them.

On the other hand one of silk ribbon embroidery wonders is that you are able to work the whole design using just two or three stitches from ribbon stitch treasury. Enjoy!


"To embroider a flower in silk ribbon we are not supposed to create its "portrait", an exact copy of that flower, but just AN IMPRESSION!"

There is no need to follow every tiny detail of flower petals, sepals, stems, etc. Moreover, it is impossible!

Luckily, our brain is able to analyze the main features of the image it gets, and if those features reminds it of some particular flower or plant, it agrees to accept it, imagining all the lacking details by itself! Thus we are to play with colour shades, petal shapes, stem twists and so on, and so as using our creativity and observation skill. And what a wonderful game it is!


And the last, but not the least thing.

As the saying goes "Finished is better than perfect." So very true!

The same design can be stitched in hundreds of different ways. And if you spend much time thinking on which of those ways to choose, you just spend your time in vane. Stitch and enjoy stitching, play around colours, shapes, textures. Then, step by step the resul will become more perfect and everyone looking at your artwork will enjoy it! 



Happy stitching and...

...see you soon in My Blog!