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How to knot your ribbon for stitching

You have probably found that while stitching with silk ribbon we need a definite type of needle to help our ribbon go through the fabric easily. It is important that the needle has a wide eye and a sharp point. The only needle type that meets these demands is called Chenille needle. Chenilles come in different size with corresponding numbers given to each size: the smaller the number the bigger the needle.


They say that the name of Chenille needles derivates from silk cord (or fluffy thread) firstly used for stitching in France several centuries ago. The shape of the cord reminds a very fine tube cleaning brush with its hair made of silk. Thus it is important that a needle makes a hole in the fabric big enough for the cord to come through without loosing its hair. That was the time Chenilles were created. Now most silk Chenilles (the cords, not the needles ) are used for couching and other similar embroidery methods.


And when they started doing silk ribbon embroidery they already had a proper needle at hand.


ribbon embroidery, silk ribbon, Chenille needles, ribbon stitches, guide for beginners


One of the most charming things about ribbon embroidery is that you can fix your ribbon in needle eye so that it never slips out of it while stitching. Follow the images to make a tiny knot in the needle eye to fix silk ribbon.

And do not forget that it is safer to take no longer than 30cm of silk ribbon length at a time. If taking a longer length of ribbon, it would probably become damaged and spoiled due to multiple coming through the fabric.


ribbon embroidery, fixing ribbon in needle eye, silk ribbon tips and techniques for beginners


Silk ribbon of different size is used for stitching. By ribbon size it is meant the width of the ribbon from one its selvage to another. Depending on the ribbon size, a different Chenille needle should be used: the wider the ribbon, the bigger the needle. It is important to observe this rule to provide a hole in the fabric big enough for your ribbon size.




It is a funny thing: though natural silk ribbon is very fine and able to slip through the smallest hole, it is rather delicate, so its structure often becomes damaged while passing through the fabric. To prevent this, always use a proper needle size for your ribbon.


ribbon embroidery, silk ribbon, ribbonwork, stitch guide for beginners, ribbon stitching, images, photographs


To fix the ribbon tail at the back side of your fabric, stab stitch it in thread stitching to the fabric itself or to any ribbon that goes along the fabric back side (wrong side).


Another method of making a special knots for ribbon to fix it at the fabric back side will be shown in another post of my Blog about silk ribbon embroidery.


The last but not the least: always mind your embroidery hoops or frames. It is necessary to fix your fabric properly in bigger hoops than your desing area is. If any extra fabric to match the hoop size is needed, attach some along one or two sides of your printed panel ready to embroider (see the vertical yellow stripe at the right-hand photograph).


ribbon embroidery, fabric for silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon guide for beginners, stitching with silk ribbon

ribbon embroidery, hoops for ribbon embroidery, ribbonwork, frames for silk ribbon stitching, guide for beginners.

ribbon embroidery, printed panel ready to embroider, ribbonwork, stitch guide for beginners, ribbon stitching images






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