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Hand-dyed silk ribbon

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Little Owl™ Online Project has its own palette of hand-dyed natural silk ribbon. All the ribbon is mild, tender and does not bleed. Hand-dyed silk ribbon helps to create flowers and butterflies of natural look, giving a touch of charm and beauty to any project: greeting cards, embroidery designs, interior dolls, etc.


Sorry for bad news: at present making orders for hand-dyed silk ribbon is not possible. We do not sell it by meters, just use it for our ribbon embroidery kits.


Contact information: +380 67 450 26 50 (Tatiana), email: all_popov@bigmir.net

We send the ribbon via couriers: DHL, EMS, FedEx.

Payment terms: MoneyGram, Western Union.



Currently the option of making orders for hand-dyed silk ribbon is closed. We use our hand-dyed silk ribbon for our ribbon embroidery kits only.

Cost of 1 metre of hand-dyed natural silk ribbon:

      2 mm - $0.65
      4 mm- $0.72
      7 mm- $0.85
      13 mm- $1.15
      20 mm- $1.63
      25 mm- $1.88
      32 mm- $2.13






Little Owl™ Online Project invites you to visit our ribbon embroidery classes and workshops.

You are also welcome to purchase ribbon embroidery kits, dasigned by Tatiana Popova.

We also have printed pannels for embroidery.

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