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Hand-dyed silk ribbon

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Little Owl™ Online Project has its own palette of hand-dyed natural silk ribbon. All the ribbon is mild, tender and does not bleed. Hand-dyed silk ribbon helps to create flowers and butterflies of natural look, giving a touch of charm and beauty to any project: greeting cards, embroidery designs, interior dolls, etc.


Sad news: currently there is no option of purchasing our hand-dyed silk ribbon online, sorry for the inconvinience. We use our hand-dyed silk ribbon for our ribbon embroidery kits only.


Cost of 1 metre of hand-dyed natural silk ribbon:

      2 mm - $0.65
      4 mm- $0.72
      7 mm- $0.85
      13 mm- $1.15
      20 mm- $1.63
      25 mm- $1.88
      32 mm- $2.13




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