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The word "guo-hua" has been created not so long ago - just about a century and a half.

In word-by-word translation it means "the art painting of our country" (in contrary to the western, overseas painting). 


This is a Chinese paint technique, the re-born of ancient traditions. (Now the word "ancient" means those art painting tradition which existed B.C.!!! It makes guohua even twice attractive!)


Paints used: mostly they use bars of ink, which is powered and mixed with water in certain proportions.

Paint brushes are made from either bamboo or hair (using goat hair, deer and rabbit hair).

Material: silk or paper. Sometimes cotton fabric or hemp fibre fabric is also used.


Chinese people created a wide raw of symbolic meaning of the items depicted in guohua. The most common plot is flowers and birds, sometimes there are animals and fish.


The birds are usually shown in pairs, and the meaning of it seems evident .

Every bird has its own symbolic meaning! E.g. magpies are thought to bring happiness!


Every flower or tree has its own meaning as well. The artists depict together definete plants and birds to give as if a sort of message or a good with to their picture. How charming!


The birds with long tails (like phoenix, peacocks and pheasants) are usually drawn together with peonies;

ducks come with lotus;

quails and partridges - with grains.

Storks and cranes, being symbols of longevity are placed near pine trees in guohua.


Bamboo, pines and plum trees can stand cold weather, therefore are often united together to mean will and firmness.

A peony personifies spring,

lotus flowers are symbols of summer,

chrysanthemum is a sign of autumn and

plum tree means winter.


Thus, due to the guohua plots, they are probably one of the best kind of embroidered pictures used for birthday presents, for a jubilee, and a part of wedding present. You see, they combine both nice outlook and good wishes!!


Our Little Owl SmartCrafts online project has already presented ribbon embroidery kit designs based on Chinese guohua. They are:

Egrets and Irises ribbon embroidery kit,

The Magpies ribbon embroidery kit and a very simple yet charming kit for beginners

There Where Spring Comes From.


The first of them was included to my book on ribbon embroidery named "Silk ribbon and embroidery: ideas and techniques of ribbon embroidery".


наборы для вышивки лентами купить, вышивка лентой ирисов, китайская живопись вышивка
Наборы и принты для вышивки лентой купить, выставочные работы вышивки лентами фото, сороки вышивка

купить наборы для вышивки лентами с натуральной шелковой лентой, схемы для вышивки, китайская живопись, принты для вышивки лентами Россия купить



This year will hopely bring some more samples of this beautiful Chinese art transformed into ribbon designs.

They are

"Pacification", "Koi Carp" and "Road under the Sun".


"Pacification" - ribbon embroidery kit designed by Chinese guohua.

Skill level: Beginner.

Will teach you how to make trapunto.

"Koi Carp" - ribbon embroidery kit designed by Chinese guohua.

Skill level: ADVANCED.

Will teach you how to make "multy-level" embroidery.

"Road under the Sun" - - ribbon embroidery kit designed by Chinese guohua.

Skill level: Beginner.

Will teach you how to make


a very intricate yet almost unknown thread stitch.






In the nearest future these kits will be repesented at our web-site page devoted to RIBBON EMBROIDERY KITS.

Welcome, welcome everybody !


Happy stitching and...

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