First Lucky Ribbon Embroidery Contest


Международный конкурс по вышивке лентами, Киев, выставки рукоделияOctober 17-19, 2014 in Kiev the 1st Lucky Ribbon International Contest on ribbon embroidery took place.

It was organized by Little Owl Smart Crafts TM.


The contest took place within Masters` Golden Hands Kiev Craft Show at Brovarsky Ave, 15.

Participants from three countries took part in it: Ukraine, Russia and USA. The youngest master was 6 years old only!!! Unbelievable: for most participants it was the first(!) embroidery project.


The contes manager: Tatiana Popova (+380 67 450 26 50).


Projects by contest finalists will be presented at the Show (follow the link to see a closer look).


The winners were chosen by scilent voting. Both visitors and participants of the Show took part in it, choosing 1, 2 or 3 their favourite projects. We collected 671 votes all together.


Contest results were announced on October 18th, 2014.


Three best works (holding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places) lately took part in Craft Show in Birmingham. Besides, the winner (1st place) got a certificate for purchasing goods in our ribbon embroidery craft shop.


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international ribbon embroidery contest, silk ribbon embroidery, craft show, beginner projects in ribbon embroideryWinners and finalists

of the 1st Lucky Ribbon International Ribbon Embroidery Contest

A foreword:

"Any contest first of all is adverticement of beauty. Adverticement of skill, good taste and talent of its participants."

I am sure the adverticement was well done!

The contest winners:
1 place - Ludmila Kurushina, The Hidden House (132 votes).
2 place - Svetlana Lebedeva, From Olga`s Garden (94 votes).
3 place - Tatiana Akchurina, Searching Look (81 votes).



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Heartest congratulations!


Contest finalists:
4th place - Natalia Franklin, Legend of Mexico (64 votes).

5th place - Ludmila Kurushina, Once in an Old Town Street (63 votes).
6th place - Olga Zelenkovskaya, Easter Treatment (57 votes).


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7th place was devided by Irina Nikolaeva and Ludmila Kurushine (equally 37 votes each).

8th place - Maria Grigorieva, 6 years, House in the Garden (32 votes).


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9th place - Svetlana Fomicheva (28 votes).
10th place - Svetlana Fomicheva (25 votes).
11th place - Svetlana Fomicheva (9 votes).


Just look at those charming and graceful embroideries:



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12 place - Olga Zelenkovskaya (8 votes).
13 place - Helen Chistyakova (4 votes).  


    вышивка лентой, международный конкурс по вышивке лентами, схемы для вышивки


Our very best wishes to all the finalists. Enjoy your further creativity in silk ribbon embroidery and let further success attend you!

Di van Niekerk forwarded her congratulations to all contest winners and finalists!


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