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FAQ on ribbon embroidery kits by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM

(Frequently asked questions on kits for ribbon embroidery by Little Owl SmartCrafts).


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Q: How to make the right choise of ribbon embroidery kits for beginners?

A: The very first advice is: choose the one you like. Silk ribbon embroidery is a very easy embroidery technique. And the instructions to the kit projects are always sssooo easy and detailed! And all the used stitches are also described and shown in photographs.

Besides, we all know perfectly well, that the more a person likes what he/she is doing, the better the result will be. Thus, my oppinion is: your favourite kit is the best choice for the first purchase.

Still, there is a second advice (for those who do hesitate): take a kit with skill level marked : BEGINNER. At least it will give you more confidence in yourself . Besides, there are quite a lot of kits to choose.


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Q: How Little Owl SmartCrafts ribbon embroidery kits are devided to three skill levels?

A: If I could decide it, I would never do those subdevisions. Ribbon embroidery is a very easy technique, so it seems useless for me to do it.

But there are some set rules on how to develop kits. And one of those rules demands to define skill level, necessary to cope with the following embroidery design.

Therefore here are the factors which I usually take into consideration:

- How long does it take to finish the design? (If it is possible to do it during one evening, it is easy. If it needs about a week to be finished, than it is for Advanced skill level);

- How many tips and techniques were used for this embroidery? (In spite of the fact that all of them are described in the instruction, the more of them you need to master, the more complicated the task seems to be);

- Skill level also depends on whether it will be necessary to dye ribbon or the background. It is all fun, still it makes the embroidery process a little bit more complicated.

- The design is considered to be easier if the embroidery procedure is single valued. Otherwise, if some steps demand your creative decisions, it is "Advanced". For making decisions is always a more complicated task then to follow simple instructions step-by-step without changing anything.

On the other hand the possibility to influence the embroidery process makes it more interesting and more attractive. But some embroidery lovers are afraid of it when doing their very first steps in mastering a new craft technique.


The conclusion is that it is not always necessary to guide the label marking skill level while choosing a desing for inspiration. If you are not afraid of a pleasant work studying and discovering something, choose whichever kit you like!


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Q: How to make an order for Little Owl SmartCrafts ribbon embroidery kits?

A: Please kindly email us on all_popov@bigmir.net or phone me: +380 67 450 2650. (Making orders via our website comments does not seem to be a good idea).


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Q: Do your ribbon embroidery kits include fabric for embroidery, some ribbon and threads?

A: Yes, they do. Besides there are needles, and optionally seed beads. Some of the ribbon colour may slightly vary for it is natural silk.

The main task of every kit is offering help and a kind of correspondence education. The result will be special every time: each embroiderer will realise her plan in her own special way. Besides we all create to have some fun developing our creativity. Therefore small changes in kit staff is even helpful to some extend.


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Q: What if I have never done embroidery before?.. (or another variant: "...if I have never done silk ribbon embroidery?")

A: Then I would like to heartly congratulate you, for you have found such a wonder as silk ribbon embroidery. I am sure it will capture you, being a source of inspiration, joy and pleasure forewer! You are facing to a number of discoveries. Silk ribbon stitches will turn into flower petals and you will feel yourself a tallented gardener all the year round! How wonderful: some `blind and deaf` humain-maid materials can show us the most tender of living creachures (I mean flowers). It is really worth having a try!

Moreover, our ribbon embroidery kits are developed first of all for those people who never did any kind of embroidery in their life at all. Most people buying kits really belong to this category. And have a look what they can make!


Q: What if I fail to do the job...

A: Then your experience will be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records (for none have managed to do it yet!) Is it not worth to have a try?


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Q: Lacking of time...

A: Let us be honest: it is all due to lacking of our desire. Well, it is not really necessary for every woman to have embroidery for a hobby. But if you say you would like to, then you will definetly find some time for it.

Good luck conquering your idle!


Q: Oh, my poor eyesight..

A: Ribbon embroidery does not ruin your eyesight.


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Q: I do not like to transfer templates to the fabric

A: It only means that you are to choose a printed pannel ready to embroider. Most of our ribbon embroidery kits have them.

Enjoy your embroidery and do not worry about transferrig any more!


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Dear friends! Dear embroidery lovers!

If you did not manage to find an answer to your question here, please kindly leave your question for a comment to this page and I will gladly answer it here.

Thank you and happy stitching!