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Express course on ribbon embroidery

My name is Tatiana Popova. I am embroidery designer, international tutor and Search Press author.


I am often travelling. And so are most of you, I do believe. You can always find information on my current location on our website: whether I am at home in Kiev, Ukraine or abroad. And we are able to meet for some classes in both cases (if just are physically able to meet in space and time J), cannot we?


свадебная вышивка лентами, вышивка лентой сердечко схема, наборы для вышивания лентами подарка на свадьбу

For that matter a special course on silk ribbon embroidery has been developed. Its aim is to study more in less time. It can even be full-day classes just having a small break for lunch.


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Our program


1. Basic stitches for silk ribbon and materials needed.

2. Special techniques for wide silk ribbon.

3. Newest tips and tricks for silk ribbon embroidery.

4. So called "Ribbon origami", that means the ways of folding silk ribbon and what amazingly beautiful flowers one can get!

5. Dyeing silk ribbon and painting the background.

6. Ways of transferring colourful pictures onto fabric. Tips on how to mount finished embroideries and to look after them.








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