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Crewel workshops

вышивка крюил, якобинская вышивка курсы, схемы, мастер-классы In 2015 our Little Owl SmartCrafts online project offers classes and workshops on Jacobean (crewel) embroidery.


At present the classes are held in Kiev. The option of correspondence education is being developed.


The main acsent is to study the technique itself and to get used to the variety of crewel stitches. 


During the centuries this kind of embroidery developed itself by adding some new stitches, tips and techniques.

A couple years ago I was deeply impressed by Hazel Blomkamp`s crewel embroidery and her idea to change crewel woolen thread to stranded cotton, Cotton Perle thread and to add some beads and metalic thread to Jacobean embroidery. As she used to say, there is no reason to neglect the treasure of modern variety of material for craft. I do agree, and it really enreaches the traditional crewel embroidery style.


As soon as the option of correspondence education is ready, there will be a note about it on this web site page.

These days I will show the fragments and the whole picture which is going to be embroidered during our classes.


[The sign on the above photo says crewel in Russian. The two designs below are both created and embroidered by Hazel Blomkamp. She offers a number of kits for crewel embroidery and some beautiful books on this subject. Welcome to visit her website: https://www.hazelblomkamp.co.za]


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