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Complete Course of Ribbon Embroidery

(24 lessons, 2 hours each)


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To book the workshops, please contact me at

tel.: +38 067 450 26 50 (Tatiana), or

email: all_popov@bigmir.net

Destination: my own studio in Kiev, Ukraine, as well as home and foreign Craft Show.

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Individual workshops: $15 per one hour (60 minutes)

Group workshops: $10 per one hour (60 minutes)

The cost of all the material  you will need is included in the cost of workshops. Moreover, silk ribbon for workshops is a present!

Program (24 subjects):


Lesson 1. Basics.
Lesson 2. Gathering technique.
Lesson 3. Invented silk ribbon roses.
Lesson 4. Flowers for lazy-bones.
Lesson 5. Poppies in ribbon embroidery.
Lesson 6. Ribbon stitches which copy thread stitches.
Lesson 7 and 8. Other kinds of silk ribbon roses
Lesson 9. Daffodils and variations.
Lesson 10. Sunflowers.
Lesson 11. Stitches for flower parts.
Lesson 12. Folded ribbon gathering.
Lesson 13. Multi-level petals.
Lesson 14 and 15. Dying the ribbon and painting the background.
Lesson 16 и 17. Embroidering insects.
Lesson 18. Christmass designs.
Lesson 19. Vasis and bascets. Using different methods and techniques.
Lesson 20. Garden flowers.
Lesson 21. Cabbage leaf petal.
Lesson 22. Room plants.

Lesson 23. Field flowers.


Lesson 24. Summing up.



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