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Ribbon embroidrey classes and workshops

craft online project on ribbon embroidery, soutache embroidery and quilling; buy natural silk ribbon and hand-made presents, owl, art, design, SRE, Show, exhibition, festival, Europe Little Owl SmARTcrafts offers ribbon embroidery designs by Tatiana Popova.

Tatiana Popova is a Ukrainian embroidery designer, who develops kits on ribbon embroidery, runs her own craft company, takes part in craft shows around the globe and gives classes on ribbon and crewel embroidery both in Ukraine and abroad.



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My schedule of the latest attended Show is as follows:

-December, 2012 - Craft Show in Yokohama, Japan.

- February, 2013 - Craft Hobby+ Stitch International Fair in Bermingham, UK.

- June, 2013 - Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, USA.

(Below there are some photographs of these Show).


Please follow this page to see the projects for ribbon embroidery kits. They are subjects for my ribbon embroidery workshops as well.


There are two programs for prolonged workshops - follow the links for the details.

- Basic Course of Ribbon Embroidery (two day workshop),

- Complete Course of Ribbon Embroidery (twelve days workshop).



For individual education we also have some Classes for additional options in ribbon embroidery, that is

1. Making boxes for threads of jewellery and

2. Making embroidered coverings for cookbooks, different alboms, note-books, etc.


To book classes and workshops, please contact me at

tel.: +38 067 450 26 50 (Tatiana), or

email: all_popov@bigmir.net


Little Owl™ online project

invites you to attend other workshops:

- on quilling,

- soutache embroidery,
- origami.



October 12-14, 2012 - "Masters` Golden Hands" in Kiev, Ukraine. (The left-hend photograph shows our booth at that Kiev Show).


December 15-21, 2012 - "Beads Create Japan" Show in Yokohama, Japan.

The photo shows maintaining the booth :)

I taught workshops on soutache embroidery.


February 17-19, 2013 - "CraftHobby and Stitch" International Show in Bermingham, UK.



April 12-14, 2013 - "Masters` Golden Hands" in Kiev, Ukraine.



June 5-9, 2013 - "Bead&Button Show" in Milwaukee, USA.


October, 2013 - "Masters` Golden Hands" in Kiev, Ukraine.







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