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Chenille needles

To make your silk ribbon embroidery perfect, it is highly recommended to always use good-quality needles of proper size and proportions. In fact, they are the Chenilles. And here you can purchase highest-quality Chenille needles made in the UK. Available in sets of needles, including six needles that fit all ribbon width.


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The set of 6 Chenille needles

is only USD3.


And it includes

#13 Chenille needle for wide (20mm +) silk ribbon

#16 Chenille needle for 13mm silk ribbon

#18 Chenille needle for 13mm and 7mm silk ribbon

#20 Chenille needle for 7mm and 4mm silk ribbon

#24 Chenille needle for 4mm and 2mm silk ribbon

#26 Chenille needle for 2mm silk ribbon; it is also may be used for thread embroidery




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High quality set of Chenille needles


silk ribbon embroidery




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