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Always Smile!

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Always Smile! ribbon embroidery kit

Produced by: Little Owl SmartCrafts TM

Designed by Tatiana Popova

Skill level: Intermediate
Size: 25 х 17.5cm

Code: K-045

Kit price: $65, FREE SHIPPING

15% discount for orders containing two or more ribbon embroidery kits

Language: English

in stock

Order email: all_popov@bigmir.net

Order phone: +380 67 450 2650

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This kit for silk ribbon embroidery includes:

- ribbon organizer holding all the necessary silk ribbon (100% natural silk)

- all the necessary threads / beads

- all the necessary Chenille needles

- printed panel ready to embroider (watercolour by Inga Paltser)

- step-by-step instructions for the embroidery process with diagrams and photographs (in English)

- detailed stitch guide for all the stitches used to embroider this design (in English)



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The finished and framed embroidery is available for $210.


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..."Now I see, what your problem is. You are too serious. A serious look is not always a sign of intellect. Moreover, all silly things on Earth are being done exactly with the same face expression. Smile, ladies and gentlemen, always smile!"

(Carl Frederick Jerome baronage Munhgauzen. A cite from "That very Munhgauzen" movie).




For more designs see The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book by Tatiana Popova. Bestseller!

20 designs + hundreds of stitches + beginner`s guide to ribbon embroidery + dozens of totally new techniques and a lot more!..


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