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The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery by Tatiana Popova is published for a second time.

Our crewel embroidery patterns include stitch guide and instructions.

Testimonials on The Seasons in Ribbon Embroidery book by Tatiana Popova.

Ribbon embroidery workshops by Tatiana Popova teaching at Bead and Button Show.

What have we seen there?

Craft. Business and Hobby Show: why worth participating?


Owl collection

Collection of cute owls for our brand logo.


What is your hobby?

What kind of craft do you prefer as a hobby?

Embroidery by students of workshops on silk ribbon embroidery.

Silk out ribbon embroidery kits: sorting by price, skill level and popularity.

Silk ribbon embroidery designs for beginners: creativity and inspiration.

A to Z purchase options for ribbon embroidery kits by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM.

How to start stitching a design with silk ribbon.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural silk ribbon.

Recommendations on purchasing of silk ribbon for beginner stitchers.

The best designs for beginners and advanced stitchers provided in kit form.

Content of textbooks on silk ribbon embroidery for correspondence education.

Bespoke ribbon embroidery of a company logo.

Modern ribbon embroidery: new ideas and techniques.

Silk ribbon embroidery is a wonderful and elegant hobby for busy ladies nowadays.


New Item


New Item

Inspirations Magazine gave information on ribbon embroidery by Tatiana Popova

Developing a craft project dedicated to silk ribbon embroidery.

Stitching New Year presents with silk ribbon: fresh ideas for beginners.

Basic stitches guide for beginners: straight stitch.

Stitch guide for beginners in ribbon embroidery and a sourcebook of inspiration.

The holiday season gift ideas for crafters.

The Ribbon Tree guide for beginners to master ribbon embroidery stitchers.

Teaching silk ribbon embroidery at Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI on June 2017.


Patterned stories

The content of "The Seasons" book on silk ribbon embroidery by Tatiana Popova.

Using silk ribbon embroidery to stitch a flower wreath.

What does a kit for ribbon embroidery include?

Key notes regarding ribbon embroidery for beginners.

Ribbon embroidery by Tatiana Popova attending Birmingham CHSI trade show.

Monograms in silk ribbon embroidery by Tatiana Popova.

Easy way to knot your ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery.

Custom-made silk ribbon embroidery by Tatiana Popova.

Winners and finalists of our second ribbon embroidery contest.

Autumn in silk ribbon embroidery.

Custom-made ribbon embroidery for wedding and special occasions.

Announcing a new book on silk ribbon embroidery.

Little owlets of seasonal colours: NEW series of ribbon embroidery kits.

Jacobean (crewel) embroidery design for summer holidays.

Little Owl embroidery staff visiting Great Britain.

"Heart Windows": a new ribbon embroidery kit collection for beginners by Little Owl SmartCrafts.

History of ribbon embroidery: from ancient times till nowadays.

Beginner`s guide to ribbon embroidery (advice and ideas on how to start doing it).