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ribbon embroidery art, ribbon embroidery kits, silk ribbon, natural silk ribbon, designs, instructions "The Earth without “art” is just “Eh!”

 Demetri Martin, American actor.


Hi everybody!

My name is Tatiana Popova, I am ribbon embroidery designer, teacher and author.

I run Little Owl SmartCrafts® producing kits for silk ribbon embroidery.

My books on silk ribbon embroidery published by Search Press are sold in both my native country and abroad. Besides, I am an international embroidery teacher, giving numerous classes and workshops all around the globe.


Right now you are at the very doorstep to Ribbon Embroidery Wonderland. Welcome inside! This web site will guide you through the art of silk ribbon embroidery and help you master this amazing stitching technique.





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+380 67 450 26 50, Tatiana

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Western Union, MoneyGram


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About the owner

of the Little Owl SmartCrafts company

  Tatiana had a pashion for embroidery since her very childhood. She was lucky to have brilliant teachers of embroidery, design and the art of floristics at her school days! Since then, she had mastered a lot of embroidery techniques herself or attending classes and practiced them a lot, enjoying the very process of stitching.
 ≈ "Colour and texture alternations" - that is what captured me first of all, while I was doing my stitching." And Tatiana specially studied psychological influence of colour, education and creativity on humain life in High School.
 ≈ "It was autumn of 2004 when a friend of mine asked me to give her a "strange" birthday present: a book on embroidery with lots of inspiring photos, BUT she told me she was not going to use it to master stitching, just to relax in an armchair after a hard working day!" And Tatiana found a book on silk ribbon embroidery by Donatella Chiotti - a totally new embroidery technique in her country at that time. "The book was so beautiful that I decided I to buy a copy for myself as well and to master that stitching technique!" And that was how it all started. [Books change lives! ]
≈ In 2009 Tatiana developed her own online project, presented in a web site form, and named it Little Owl (that is sovushka in Russian) to share her experience in ribbon embroidery. "When a child, I was dreaming of becoming a florist designer, thinking of no better career for myself. Then a huge dissapointment happened: due to some life circumstances I saw that dream meling away! And nothing was to be done about it." Still, having found the way to stitch flower bouquets in silk ribbon, Tatiana decided to give her child dream a new life.
≈ Tatiana worked hard studying and practicing ribbon embrodiery. Her correspondence teacher was Ann Cox, a famous world-wide known ribbon embroidery teacher and designer from Great Britain.
≈ Since 2010 Tatiana started participating Masters` Golden Hands International Craft Show and Fair held in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2012 she met Di van Niekerk (her pen friend by that time) at that show. The renown master was teaching at the Show and Tatiana helped her with translation of her classes. "It was awesome experience! Also a huge encouragement, for Di was very kind in her judgement of my artworks".
≈ In 2011 Tatiana was invited to stitch a project for a huge craft show in Tokyo. Victorian Bouquet design was the beginning of series of ribbon embroidery kits by Little Owl SmartCrafts TM. That time the stitched jewellery box with ribbon embroidery top embelishment was sent to Japan by mail. But that was the very beginning: next year Tatiana was invited to B&B Show in the USA, then she taught classes in Japan and participated CHSI in Birmingham, UK (Europe`s largest creative craft trade show).
≈ That was the right time to start all-year-round workshops on silk ribbon embroidery. At her studio Tatiana and her students mutually enjoyed the process of creating ribbon wonders annualy September to May. Besides the number of Tatiana`s ribbon designs in kit form was gradually coming to half a hundred!
≈ 2013 was crusial for Tatiana`s activity: her first book on silk ribbon embroidery was published. It was a textbook specially developed for readers in her own country. And the book really had a huge success!
Three years later, in 2016 a new luxurious book in English came out of printing - and that was a special tribute to all Tatiana`a friends and embroidery lovers around the world. Totally new techniques and creative ideas are bound here with traditional silk ribbon embroidery.
≈ Since 2017 Tatiana`s workshops at Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, WI started.
≈ "My idea and a key note of all my activity is to make ribbon embroidery known to everybody who would like to enjoy this tremendous art. As well as to show the charming simplicity of ribbon embroidery technique so that nobody thinks of it as a way of stitching impossible to learn. Ribbon embrodiery is naturally bound to stitching flowers, and we people used to think of flowers as a sign of celebration. Let us celebrate our lives and make the world even more beautiful!"




вышивка лентой, выставки вышивки, выставки рукоделия Киев ближайшая выставка творчества и хоббиLittle Owl SmartCrafts TM

exhibits at

"Craft.BusinessAndHobby" International Art and Craft Fair and Show:

Kiev, Brovarsky Ave, 15

(International Exhibition Centre)






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