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    Books on ribbon embroidery

    Ribbon embroidery books for beginners and advanced stitches: fresh ideas, inspiration and modern techniques together with ribbon stitch ABC in detailed step-by-step instructions with lots of photographs and author`s tips. A great help for a happy stitching!   31.07.2013 || comments( 32 )
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    Ribbon Embroidery Kits

    Ribbon embroidery kits, designed by Tatiana Popova. Each kit includes 100% natural silk ribbon for embroidery. There are kits for all levels: - Beginner, - Intermediate, - Advanced.   21.11.2011 || comments( 12 )
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    Classes and workshops

    There are two programs for ribbon ebmroidery classes: Basic Course and Complete Course. We also teach making embroidered boxes and coverings for note-books.   21.11.2011 || comments( 5 )
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    Silk ribbon

    Silk ribbon is as if alive, it delights us by its tender structure and luxurious look, being incredibly elegant and pliable. Only take it in your hands, and you will admire it for hours. ...They say, if a man could create a natural flower petal, he would have gotten just that, what silk ribbon is.   21.11.2011 || comments( 11 )
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    Printed panels for embroidery

    Printed panels can be used for both ribbon and satin embroidery. They are perfect for beginners, as there is no need to think about the composition of the design. Nevertheless, even experts in embroidery love using them for they help making the design 3-dimensional.   01.07.2012 || comments( 5 )
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    Free workshops on ribbon embroidery

      18.11.2014 || comments( 5 )
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    Finished projects to buy

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    Ribbon embroidery contest

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